In the first part of the project, most of the public procurements were concluded and companies were contracted to implement the activities provided in the project.

Several activities have already been initiated, as follows:

- the WEBSITE of the protected natural areas was created:

- within the AWARENESS, the opening conference of the project was organized and the first press releases and news appeared. The provider has also prepared information materials (T-shirts, pens), which will be disseminated during the information and awareness activities

- within the activity of elaborating the nature FILM, the filmings have been started

- monitoring protocols for habitats, amphibian species and flora species have been prepared as part of MONITORING activities

- within the supply of IT EQUIPMENT, the supplier handed over the computing equipment (computers, server, printer, etc.)

- within the supply of FIELD EQUIPMENT, the supplier handed over the first tranche of field equipment, consisting of clothing and footwear

- during the renewal of the VISITING INFRASTRUCTURE, the constructer have started the preparation of the panels, which will be located on the routes of the protected areas

Latest News: