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Corund is located in the western part of Harghita County, 26 km from the town of Odorheiu Secuiesc. It is one of the most famous settlements in Sóvidék, a center of applied arts, tourism and culture. Corund commune consists of the villages of Corund (residence), Atia, Calonda, Fântâna Brazilor and Valea lui Pavel.

In 1332 it is first mentioned in the form of Kurnud in the papal decimal. According to tradition, the village first lay on Korond Hill. Its church became the property of the Unitarians in 1568 and was not returned to the Catholics until 1720. In 1910 it had 3752 inhabitants, mostly Hungarians.

In 1992, out of 5,097 inhabitants, there were 4,629 Hungarians, 455 Gypsies and 13 Romanians. Until the Treaty of Trianon, Udvarhely County belonged to Praid District.

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